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SKIN UP is an electronic new generation device. Through an ultrasonic microdevice, it is able to vaporize all the elements necessary to maintain the skin in perfect condition and, above all, to slow down the chrono and photo-aging.


Always with you, every moment of the day SKIN UP respects the skin while keeping it young and bright throughout the day.


The new SKIN UP technology reduces the active solutions into microparticles, allowing a higher penetration into the skin, maintaining it younger.


You can use SKIN UP directly on your face without altering the makeup.


An excellent ally against the dehydration able to slow down the aging process and to counter, in summer and in winter, the external aggressions determined by environment, heat and cold, pollution, smoke and constant exposure to the sun.


An elegant and efficient accessory with the size of a smartphone for a real “call of beauty …”.


Using SKIN UP with PHIL PHARMA anti-aging lotions throughout the day helps to rebalance epicutaneous parameters thanks to the action of the micro-sprayed lotions delivered, containing active agents such as biotechnologically synthesized Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and antioxidant agents such as Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q10.


It helps to slow down skin aging thanks to the presence of powerful antioxidant factors such as the Coenzyme Q10 and the Lipoic Acid.


Dehydration and free radicals are sworn enemies of the skin. Skin Up has been studied to nourish directly the skin with two of the most effective ingredients in modern cosmetology:


Hyaluronic Acid & Lipoic Acid are the active principles of PHIL PHARMA.

Ingredients: Hyaluronici acid + lipoic acid+coenzyme Q10 + Aloe vera


Both of them of natural origin and recognized as the smoothest acids for the skin.


The skin is the only organ in the human body able to carry out a continuous cellular turnover throughout a lifetime. The skin cells are therefore always in need of energy and nutrients to stay active and functional.


SKIN UP, the new generation electronic device, through its ultrasonic spray nozzle is able to nourish the skin delivering all the fundamental elements needed to keep the epidermis in perfect condition, slowing down the time and photo-aging process.


SKIN UP technology atomizes the water particles increasing exponentially the absorption capacity of the active principles, consequently enabling them to penetrate quickly into the skin, keeping it younger and firm.


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