Rigenforte - Rivitalizing Conditioner 150 ml

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Conditioner suitable for worn out and frail hair that tend to fall, rich in nourishing principles, studied to prevent temporary hair loss and its first enfeeblement. Its conditioning and emollient action makes hair not only easy to comb and soft, but also gives it a special light, an extremely silky touch and a strong volumizing effect. INGREDIENTS: Biotinax, ESI patented formula made of Biotin, Methionine and Cystine. Methionine and Cystine are sulphur amino acids that strengthen hair keratinous structure, giving them strength and elasticity. Biotin can normalize the production of sebum on skin and hair skin, thus eliminating hair problems linked to this disorder. Keratin, Panthenol and Milk proteins, they repair hair shaft and make it more resistant against external agents (phon, brush) and aggressive treatments (dyes, perms). Stem cells, they regenerate hair. Caffeine, it stimulates microcirculation, helps the oxygenation of hair bulb, fights hair loss. Argan Oil, it moisturizes hair and makes it soft and easy to comb, it has antioxidant, emollient and moisturizing properties. USE: Apply the product after each shampoo on humid hair, spreading it on the whole hair with a comb, let act for some minutes, then rinse thoroughly.


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