Magnetic Bracelet Model N.7

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MAGNETIC BRACELET Golden Plated with STONE "quarzo rosa" The magnetic therapy is a way to create a mental and organic balance; it consists in the use of magnet or magnets of various sizes and power placed on the different areas of the body. Many studies have established that the use of magnets increase the oxygenation of tissues reducing neuromuscular pain, rheumatic pain and the regeneration of cells. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THE COPPER BRACELET. - CHEMICAL LEVEL, the copper (as well as other metals) is capable to penetrate in the body through the skin, like to ingest a oligo-element. - ELECTROMAGNETIC LEVEL must be open for positive action. - ELECTRIC LEVEL can bring a Electric control diverted fron the electric pollution, synthetic fabrics, shoes, from high-voltage lines, motors, mobile phones, etc... It works to alleviate muscles pains, arthritis pains, improves the nervous system and prevents electronic pollution. I can say that to wear a copper bracelet is good for your health even if wearing short time. The bracelets are golden or silver plates; they, often, are the real jewels. According to the TAO Chinese law: the female principle Yin, passive and cold, is located on the left side of the body, while the principle Yan, active, warm, and male must be placed on the right side; the copper bracelets are worn in her right wrist; silver to the left wrist.


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